Mappen With
Your Friends

Mappen is for staying close with
friends, having real experiences,
and making memories.


A Map For
Your Social Life

See 👀trending hot spots 🔥near you — tap on a fire
emoji to see who is getting together nearby.

Your Best Friends
At Your Fingertips

Getting together is easy, since your closest friends are always close at hand. Tap HMU 🤙 to let your friends 👫 know you are ready to hang — without starting another annoying group text.

Friends Are Just
Around The Corner

Mappen lets you know when friends are
nearby, so you can low-key meetup

Total Privacy Control

You only share with people you know. Switch on "Privacy Mode" when you're planning Amy's surprise party.

Friends And Family
Keep Each Other Safe

This isn’t social media. This is your map for your social life, with the people you care about — Mappen lets you know your friends and family are safe.

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