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About Us

Mappen is a service that helps real-world friends organize where to connect in real life. From day one, Mappen was built with people's privacy and security in mind. All of this is essential to offer a service that advances Mappen's broader goal -- to allow people to use their phones to get away from it, and instead spend time with friends, in person.


Jared Allgood and Jayson Ahlstrom are seasoned app creators and are both parents of teenagers.
Jared Allgood

Co-founder, CEO

Jayson Ahlstrom

Co-founder, CPO


  • What problem does Mappen solve?

    Mappen’s service gives you the information you need to meet up with friends, specifically: where are my friends and what are they doing? Loneliness and isolation are growing problems facing this generation. This is highlighted by a recent study done by Cigna, with over 20,000 participants, that showed young americans are the loneliest group (beating out senior citizens for the first time) and the group at highest risk for experiencing negative health effects from loneliness. The antidote to loneliness is to build real world meaningful relationships. Mappen is designed to give you more opportunities to do just that. Technology to improve life, not distract from it.

  • Is Mappen safe?

    We built Mappen with your safety in mind. You control who can see on Mappen. Only add people on Mappen you know and trust in real life. You can remove friends or "go invisible" at any time. Mappen is a closed network based on your phone contact list so people you don't know cannot search for you.

  • What does Mappen do with my data?

    We treat your personal information with the highest level of sensitivity, as we would treat our own. We never have and never will sell a person’s personal information.

  • Is Mappen targeted at children?

    No. Mappen is for people who are old enough to make their own plans to get together. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service state: "Our Services are not intended for children under the age of 13, and we do not knowingly collect any personal information from such children. Children under the age of 13 should not use our Services at any time. If we learn that we have collected personally identifiable information from a child under the age of 13 we will delete such information as quickly as possible."

  • Why does Mappen have a 12+ rating?

    Ratings of apps are similar to ratings of video games and movies. They are based on the content displayed inside the app. Apple gave Mappen a 12+ rating because the content you see inside the app is similar to a “PG” rating for movies or an “T” rating for video games. Because Mappen is not filled with media there is little chance to see something inappropriate, offensive or hateful.

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